So sad... Sea grape...

So sad... Sea grape trees being cut down.  

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Does anyone know why they are cutting down the seagrape tres along the beach just past cottages??? I went to the beach further down and on my way back see two men in a truck with a chainsaw. I wanted to cry especially since I just got done pickking up two entire trash bags full of garbage on the beach. Half of the trees are gone now.

I assume that has to be approved? Dpnr? God it's so sad!!!!! No pride, no value to nature.

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I know mangroves are protected but don't know if Sea Grapes are.
You could call DPNR to find out.....?

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Rumor mill says the landowner is clearing the lot with plans to construct a private residence there.

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Are there any ordinances protecting trees on the VI? Do the individual HOAs have any too.

Here, I deal with tree ordinances which are specific to each municipality as well as HOAs within. Most are the same but some want to be a little different (dbh, re-planting specs, etc)

compliance is enforced through several steps and by everyone with a cell phone.

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Olassee Davis and others have been lobbying for years for a tree/forest management policy for the territory. They also oppose cutting down so many trees.

People have protested against plans to cut down some trees, and those protests helped to save a few. I've complained to the senate, but I think we all need to voice our concern about removing trees.

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