St. Patrick's Day Parade  

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I heard the parade is on March 19th.
I thought it was always the Saturday before.
I have guest coming in for the parade which we thought was going to be on the 12th. They are so disappointed since they are leaving on the 18th.
Why the change?

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I heard that the folks who put it on in years past won't be doing it this year.
A new committee started up and is running it for this year.
That could be why

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Yeah I had friends that had to change their flights and pay a bundle to do so. But they come every year and love it and I'm glad they'll be here for the parade.

The rumors about the committee that runs it (or rather did run it) are always negative and say that they never make money, which seems like big time mis-management, which usually happens when you rule by committee! 😉

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I'm going to cry...I already have my air and AA wants a additional $362, per person, to change it by one day...What a bunch of crooks.
we have been planning to be at the parade for a year....How can they change the date after all these years of the the Saturday before St Patty day ???

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It's not always the Sat my son and DIL found out a few years ago..(2006 perhaps) can't count on the day till they actually announce it.

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