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STT Feb 25th give or take a few days

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Well we have been talking and planning for a long time. I have read this board regularly for about a year but posted not very often. I'm Jammin' Jerry Z; a semi retired dance accompanist and drumming instructor from Connecticut College. My wife Mel, is a well known (in the bead biz) bead artist and lamp worker (glass bead maker). Her work has been published in many magazines and books. Google for 'beadmeistermel' if you are interested.
We finalize the sale of our home in Connecticut Fri and will be homeless. After a drive down to Florida we will ship our van from Fla and fly over with our dog Santos. We are staying with an artist friend on STT for a few days while we apartment hunt. This board has been a wealth of info and I almost feel like I kind of know some of you. Thanks to recent arrival Captain Jay whose blog and posts have been very informative. We will likely meet some of you in the future. BTW if anyone knows of a dog friendly apt 1,000 - 1,500, do let us know. We are not expecting it to be easy finding something.
- Jammin' Jerry Z

Posted : February 12, 2008 2:40 am
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Good luck on your move! It's not as difficult to find a place with a pet now as it used to be so I hope you'll be able to get your own place quickly.

Posted : February 12, 2008 8:57 am
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