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Survey re: Need for Development Classes

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Good day everyone!

Following a previous post, I wanted to follow up with information that short-courses will be offered to the community, beginning on St. Croix. These courses will all have the intention of bridging gaps that may exist in our social service and educational communities, and to support a future with greater opportunity for children and adults with some challenge or disability.

Over fifty educational modules have been created, addressing autism spectrum disorders, to legislation and special education, positive behavior planning, and a host of others. These will be offered for a very minimal fee to community members, teachers, counselors and students, however, I do need input as to what people perceive as the most immediate of needs.

If you can provide input to help me in planning the delivery of these courses, I would be so very, very grateful.

I am a Kennedy Scholar, a Master in Social and Individual Rehabilitation, expert in neuro-biological disorders such as autism spectrum disorders, brain injury, and a host of other developmental disorders. All participants will be provided with information to verify both my background and credentials.

Thank you for your support in giving life to something that seems to be 'troublesome in paradise'. Any and all information, requests or suggestions will be welcomed.

Thank you so much,

Dan Gilbride, MA/MRC-LPC, CT/SC
Licensed Educational Consultant, USVI
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Posted : July 22, 2010 7:19 pm
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