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Tattoos and woodworking

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Subject line has you intrigued, doesn't it?!?!

My hubby is trying to find a "creative outlet" down here (we LOVE it here but my "creative outlet" is satisfied by my job as a massage therapist and Pilates practitioner...he hasn't found a hobby yet for his free time). He would love to apprentice at a tattoo shop (he would be great at it as he can draw some beautiful, free-hand stuff!); he has quite a few tattoos himself and has always been interested in learning how to do it from a pro. Went to Jimmy Buffham's at Havensight (STT) and talked to a couple of "young" folks working there (guy and girl) asking if they needed an apprentice, to no avail....anbody know Jimmy Buffham himself??? Is there really a Jimmy Buffham??? Would love to find something for him to do for fun (other than snorkel, swim, etc.)...

Also, he is interested in learning/apprenticing with a woodworker...he has made several lovely pieces of furniture from teak and granite, oak, pine, etc., as well...loves doing that type of thing. He has been chained to a desk for 23 years and I tell him he is truly an artist at heart....made some great pieces of "artwork" out of copper back in NC/FL, stateside (Asian symbols, suns, animals, etc.)..sold some pieces at his Dad's organic herb farm in FL (they have a gallery with pottery/artwork from local artists there). Any ideas from anybody about exploring woodworking and/or "copper art" on STT??? Would appreciate any input....

Posted : January 27, 2008 11:46 pm
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There's a woodworking association on both stt and stx. They had a show--in Nov or Dec, on stx, BUT if you look back in the Source, there will be articles about it and those exhibiting etc

Posted : January 28, 2008 12:09 am
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