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Teachers who want to relocate to USVI

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My husband and I are teachers in Indiana, but are seriously looking into moving and teaching in the USVI. Of course, we have LOTS of questions. Any help anyone can give would be very valuable.

1. Are there any educators out there that can give us some input into the school system? What's your perspective? Once you "get" the job, is there job security or do you wonder from year to year if you'll be employed?

2. We've been reading the message board quite a bit, and notice that most people recommend bringing a personal vehicle to the islands. Since we, on the mainland, drive on the right side, how does this work in USVI? Do the cars have to be reconfigured?

3. How difficult is it to find a place to live? We are interested in renting for the first year, looking around, then probably buying a place. If we sign a 1 year lease, are rentals generally less expensive?

If anyone has any other words of advice, or answers to questions we haven't thought of yet, please feel free to respond.


Posted : September 23, 2007 4:43 pm
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There is a lot of information already posted here on this forum. I would recommend doing a search on this forum (don't limit the dates to 30 days) and you will see a lot of threads of very helpful information posted here. Most everyone recommends a Pre Move Visit.

I am sure some other helpful participants will share their humble opinion also.

Kind Regards

Posted : September 23, 2007 5:10 pm
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IMO I would recommend against bringing a vehicle and I think a fair percentage of the post do as well. Try reading the posts all the way back. If you are serious about relocating here there is no better source of information on the islands. Many of your questions that you would never think to ask will be answered by just reading this all the way back. Settlers handbook is a good place to start but imo this board is a much greater source of information.

I'm not an educator but job security is not a problem here. They always need new teachers because so many leave every year. Wanting to stay and work (or being able to afford to live here) is the problem.

Just like stateside rentals that are in less desirable areas are cheaper. The ones that are more run down, etc... For two people expect to pay $1500 and you should be able to find something is a pretty safe neighborhood. This will most like not include electric or any other utilities. And rentals do not get cheaper for renting by the year, most landlord expect that. A few will rent month to month or for six months at a time but that is generally when they are winter residents and will be back once seasons starts.

Please do yourself a favor and read this board about the islands.

Posted : September 23, 2007 9:39 pm
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Most all cars here have the steering wheels on the left side of the car even though we drive on the left. I prefer it that way since it's rare there's a chance to pass other vehicles (if you're driving like a normal person & not a drag racer.)

Posted : September 23, 2007 11:07 pm
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Thanks to everyone who has tried to offer help so far.

I'm still hoping that there are some active teachers that can share their perspective of the school system - and what we should expect. Most of what I've read here are from parents or opinions from other people. So, how about it? Are there any teachers out there that can help us out? While I realize that most teachers are incredibly busy (I know how long my school days REALLY are), if you read this, and know someone that it is teaching in the public USVI school system, see if they can give you some wisdom to share.

Thanks again to everyone that has replied. I find the information here to be invaluable.

Posted : September 24, 2007 2:10 pm
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Hello, I sent you a private message. I hope it can be of some assistance to you.

Posted : September 25, 2007 6:48 pm
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