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thank you - it means so much

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Thank you all for your supportive responses and private messages. It meant so much to me - you brought me to tears. I had my first chemo last Thursday, and am just starting to re-join the living. It was rough - but I'll make it.
All your responses made me reflect on the past year. The 'crazy idea' of moving to the US Virgin Islands, the fear of putting it into motion, and then, Actually DOING IT!! It has been a wonderful year; and mostly because of the great people and comraderie we have found both on STX and STT & STJ. In person, through this board or because of the "Kansas City group" that met a year ago when we all shared a dream of moving (and all accomplished it!) your support and friendship is so appreciated.
Moving to the USVI is something most people dream of, but find excuses not to do. The people that do come are much like pioneers - and the bonding, offers of help,and friendships have been overwhelming to Mike & I. It takes a special kind of person to try this move.
We have learned they are the type that welcome "newbies" with open-arms, support each other in any way possible, are out-going and friendly, and accept the island culture with respect. Of course the island still has negative aspects such as crime, etc. Everyplace does. The island is still 'young' and 'raw' in many ways. Thats some of the challenge we all find here; but its also what makes everyone pull together.
To all of you, thanks for a wonderful ride so far. I am so anxious to get better and return to STX - mostly because of our wonderful friendships. I hope to get in contact with the new Cancer Center in STT and see if treatment can be continued there. In the meantime I'll read all your posts, smile at the posters who want so badly to do what you've all done, and feel a pride that we pioneering spirits have altered our lives to meet and live on a small island in the Carribean.
Thank you all-

Posted : June 7, 2006 4:37 pm
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'Atta girl, Linda...fight! We're ready for you to come home, too...we will throw a party JUST FOR YOU when you are the meantime, if you need a chemo buddy, holler at me...PM me or just send a note to We love you and will keep an eye on Mike...he has no idea how many eyes will be upon him... 🙂

Posted : June 7, 2006 6:03 pm
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Yours and Mike's strength is an inspiration. I would like to tell you I will keep an eye on Mike for you, but you know what can happen when he an I get together.


Posted : June 7, 2006 8:15 pm
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It's okay, Linda, don't worry about Mike, tonite at least...we have custody of Mike and Chef Jimi is filling his belly....

Posted : June 7, 2006 11:02 pm
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