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THANK YOU TO POSTERS / How to get hired prior to being on Island

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Good Morning,

First, I want to extent a sincere thank all who post on this board.

The hubby and I have been peering in, reading up, and living vicariously for approximately six months now and I want to let you all know that we are very appreciative of the commitment that you all give to this board.

You answer the same questions over and over or look through old post and pull up old threads that answer the same questions over and over or that you think might be generally helpfully and I really think it's great that you are so willing to educate and so openly share with complete strangers (either that or maybe there just really is that little to do for entertainment on any given island);)

Originally I was going to say I was amazed at your commitment but I realized when I started to write that that it wasn't really the case.

By all reasoning I should be amazed but I'm not.

This made me think, why is that? After pondering for a moment I am quite sure that the reason is that after spending a fair amount of time in the caribbean and around caribbean people, both natives and transplants, this is what I have come to expect from them for the most part, and weather aside that is truely the reason that I want to make the caribbean the future home for myself and my family. Can't speak for the hubby though, maybe for him it's just the weather, but as long as he's on board who cares why. 😎

Ok, on to the question; And I would appreciate all responses positive or negetative. Honest is all I ask

I probably should have put this into two different post so as not to muddy either but I'm on a roll so I'm just going to push on here.

The situation is: As I mentioned above my husband and I have made the decision that despite all drawbacks, higher cost of living, lower wages,different ways, less availability of, well, most everything other than sunshine and laid back folks, etc we want to make the caribbean our future home. Should be easy right? Come down, meet some people, get a job, no problem.

Oops, problem! We are a family of five so we can't just come down. At least one of us has to have a decent job lined up before we can transplant the family. My husband and I are both very employable (at least here), he is a Network Engineer/ Systems Administrator and can do most things with computers and I have 20 yrs experience in Sales and Marketing with some solid companies and letters of reccomendation to back it, as well as plenty of experience bartending and waitressing. Unfortunately most employers aren't willing to even consider you for a position unless you are already on island.

And as the merry go round "turns so go the days of our lives"

Any ideas how to get off????

Again, all honest answers are appreciated Thanks,
frustrated Cheeseheads

Topic starter Posted : January 25, 2009 10:20 am
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Depends on which island you are planning on moving to.
Some jobs can be viewed thru and they did have an opening or 2 for an IT person (me thinks).
As many of us have posted several times, employers are hesitant to hire off islands due to the fact many just NEVER show up after hiring. With that in mind PREVISIT PREVISIT PREVISIT.........NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!!
With a family, you'll need to put your children in PRIVATE schools, for the public system here............*ahem* several years behind the times & not really all that safe. Then theres the conditions of the buildings (MOLD) and teachers who some want to inspire young minds, but most are taught how to refuse to do anything & strike like Queen Mary. Private schools are not cheap either, you should inquire more about them on this board. I do not have children, so I can not answer the costs involved, just know they are steep!
Can you split the family......have your hubby come down 1st & locate a job & decent housing prior to the big move??
Oh and the housing.............girl have you ever watched the show what you get for the, it's an eye popper! Less is definitely more!!! Do you have pets??? Well if you do, be prepared to OVER PAY for rents & deposits. Almost everyone has a dog or 15 here due to the gun laws, they are companions & protectors. But landlords usually do NOT let you have one. We found a place after looking & looking & it's just OK at best..
Good luck hope this helps!

Posted : January 25, 2009 10:57 am
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Ty Island

STT is the preferencefor US Islnds. and we have checked into school and are figuring it into our living expenses @ 10, -13,000 per child

And we have decided that splitting the family is an option since it would be very hard to live there on one income and we have a house to sell here as well. so it seems to make sense.

As to previsit and network we have, and will continue to do so but I am hoing that someone will be able to give pointers as to either where to look or what to say to show that we are earnest and intend to make this a long term move 5/6 years being the minimum. And also any pointers as to companies that might be hiring or open to hiring someone who is not currently on island

Again any suggestion

Topic starter Posted : January 25, 2009 11:29 am

Have your husband send resumes to the biggies like hotels, the banks, EDC companies, etc. BUT with a firm date for when he'll be here for the interview. He can explain he's in the process of moving down & will be here on such-and-such a date & would be happy to meet with them on those dates.

That MAY stop the resume going into the trash immediately at least. Just depends on if they're suddenly stuck for somebody with his qualifications. 99% chance of NOT getting hired before he's here. That's just the way it is. Plus the economy is also very bad here & not looking up in the near future. Best of luck.

Posted : January 25, 2009 12:26 pm
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I want to thank you for putting the following on this message board;
The hubby and I have been peering in, reading up, and living vicariously for approximately six months now and I want to let you all know that we are very appreciative of the commitment that you all give to this board.

You answer the same questions over and over or look through old post and pull up old threads that answer the same questions over and over or that you think might be generally helpfully and I really think it's great that you are so willing to educate and so openly share with complete strangers
I have been reading the message board for quite some time.
Most of the time, I do not post any comments or suggestions.
I wondered from time to time why some people's comments came a cross rude - or are people on the islands are donkey's behind?
But I realized that many of the wannabees and newbies ask the same questions, over and over and over.
So realizing this, I understand where they are coming from.

I am not on the island permanently, yet.
Been working on this for past 7 months.
Can't really give you advise on what to do with your desire to move to the islands with your family - I shall leave this for people who has more experience, knowledge of living on the islands.

I just wanted to thank you for saying what you said - as I am not good with words.
I also want to thank everyone who's regular on this message post - for good advises, being there and trying to find humor in some of the questions.
I have learned a lot from reading the message board.
Maybe the newcomers - should really take time out and look through the VINOW - of various information you can find without asking questions. I think everyone tends to ask questions first and read. I am guilty.
(Kind a like the saying, if all fails - read directions!)
But taking the time to check out various areas of VINOW, there are loads of information. IT TAKES TIME.
TAKE THE TIME - to learn. Take the time to take advantage of VINOW.
Great website, great information and getting better all of the time - and it is totally FREE.
Not too many website out there as good as this.

O.K. let me go wipe my brown spot off my nose here.......(LOL)
Seriously, THANK YOU VINOW and regulars who has given so much helpful information over and over and over and over.


Posted : January 25, 2009 5:36 pm

We wouldn't be on this forum if you guys didn't ask questions. 🙂

Posted : January 25, 2009 7:59 pm
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It is kind of embarrassing when you realize that you have asked a question that has been answered 100s of times before. I started reading this message board a little less than a year ago, and when I asked my car shipping question people were super friendly and informative. And as time went on and I kept reading I realized that that question goes out at least once a month. Thanks to all you patient posters!

Posted : January 25, 2009 11:46 pm
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More like once a week 😉

Cheeseheads do you have an idea of what you need to make? With three kids and private school you're going to need a really good income or you and your wife will need two good middle class jobs. Schools here don't have much in the way of scholarships. You may get about $1500 knock off tution but thats about it. That wills still put you at $7 to $9k depending on their age per kid. Rent for a 3 bedroom in a decent area is going to run you around $2k. Groceries are gonna kill ya each week. etc....

What I'm saying is when you go looking for a job really know the figure you need to survive. I always feel bad for people with kids, cause there are just so many hidden costs to live here. Also if you are close to your family you and the kids are going to find it hard. People may come at first but its really expensive getting back and forth to the states. AA keeps cutting flights and that doesn't make the remaining ones cheaper. Its one of those things newbies wanting to come never think about. Top three things I hate about living here are crime, apathy and being so far away from family.

Whatevery you do to make this dream come through don't go through your savings. Seen more then one of my renters do that. People get a little nutty about wanting to live here. Just remember its like any other place.....good and bad. There are plenty of places in the US that are also laid back and aren't as expensive and crime ridden as this island.

Posted : January 26, 2009 2:25 pm
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Thanks for the reply Betty

I've done a lot of research and found what you say to be pretty much the case, except a little higher on the cost of private schools and groceries on STX to be surprising near to stateside prices on basics at least, all others WAY higher however. For others considering the move the INCREDIBLY high cost of electricity should also be considered when doing a "pm budget.
Unfortunately through the homework I've done I've become painfully aware that as you say it will take a considerable income, either one or two, to support the family there. That's pretty much the only reason we're not there already. We need to secure income prior to making a move.

Which prompts me to ask a question that I have not been able to answer since the hubby and I first started looking into relocating over 3 years ago. ............

HOW do people do it??? Especially those with kids? HOW do they make ends meet living in the islands?

The cost of living is considerably higher than that of the US (with the possible exception of the Coasts) and all the research that I have done shows that salaries are a fair amount less there than even conservative Southern and Midwestern US State averages. This info however is strictly from statistics not life experience. I realize that people there tend to live more simply and with less material items (Bonus) But even so that only makes up some of the difference. There must be something that I am not considering or some info that is off or..............I don't know help me out, please.

also what do you mean you hate apathy there?

and what places in the US do you think are laid back like the islands (and above 60 degrees on a regular basis)?

Thanks any and all for the input.

Topic starter Posted : February 2, 2009 2:42 pm
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Also, still hoping for as much advice as possible as to how to get hired prior to being on island Ty.

Topic starter Posted : February 2, 2009 3:39 pm
East Ender

The people I know who have been hired from afar have been federal employees, health care workers, teachers and occasionally specialized hotel folks.

How do people do it? WIth great difficulty! 😉 Actually, people get by with smaller homes, fewer and older cars, longer hours and more jobs! Hey, but we don't have heating fuel costs and snowblower bills!

Posted : February 2, 2009 6:15 pm
Linda J

Some of us older people also have retirement income in addition to what we earn on island. People who have children, medical problems, beloved pets, etc. are going to have a MUCH harder time living comfortably in the USVI.

And, as others have said, unless you have a very specific, in-demand skill, finding work from off island is very difficult.

Posted : February 3, 2009 12:51 am
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