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The library is closed...again

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Ridiculous, isn't it. A classic case of money-shifting and deep pockets catching it.

Posted : March 8, 2015 8:40 pm
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And it doesn't even function, properly.

The fact that they built that edifice to be wholly dependent on A/C when electricity is so expensive here in the VI is mind boggling. Can you imagine the WAPA bills?

I attended the public hearing put on by ACE/ Army Corps of Engineers for Coral World's proposed dolphinarium about a year or more ago and their public meeting room was too small to hold everyone and the A/C system wasn't functioning properly, back then.
It was hot.

The entire design, IMO, is not right for a library in the tropics.
Sad that so much has been spent with more looming to be spent and we don't have a fully operational library.

Our VI tax dollars gone wild and misspent as is usual.

Posted : March 8, 2015 10:38 pm
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i would like for the library downtown christiansted to open back up on saturdays

Posted : March 9, 2015 11:25 am
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I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but THAT library is an architectural nightmare. It looks more like a cheap stateside medical clinic. For that cost we could have had a beautiful grand public building that would have been a community icon for generations to enjoy.

What has happened to our beautiful West Indian Architectural heritage? With the exception of a few 20th century buildings, architecture (especially Public architecture) died when the Danes left!!!

Posted : March 9, 2015 2:10 pm
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Got to agree with you MGW.

Posted : March 9, 2015 2:16 pm
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