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Vendors Plaza & other selling stalls

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I am looking to move to St Thomas in Nov. I am wondering if someone can tell about the Vendors Plaza across from Emancipation Park. Who do I contact about vending there? Does it cost money to vendor? Is there a waiting list to get in or do you just show up in the morning on a first come first serve? Are there other markets that you can set up temporary selling stalls? Are there any locations that have small 100 to 300 square foot retail spaces for rent?

Tiger Lee

Topic starter Posted : May 17, 2008 12:42 am

You have to go through Licensing to get a spot there. I have friends who have had their names on lists since 1993. They pay way under $1000.00/year for "rent." Every year or two (can't remember exactly how long) they have a sort of lottery system & they draw for their new spaces then move to them until the next drawing for spots.

As I understand it it was originally supposed to be for locals who made handmade things as a place to sell them. Instead there's an African guy selling knock-off bags (there was already a sweep by the powers that be once on the fake LV, etc. but the crap is back) & another family who has a few spots sewn up. Forget getting a spot there.

Posted : May 17, 2008 11:32 am
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It is one of th things that has gone totally awry around here. I believe they are supposed to pay $200 per year, but don't as a protest because there are no restrooms. However, some are known to be sublet for upwards of a $1000 a month. It's very unnerving what they do. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will change.
It was announced by Barbara Petersen, the St. Thomas/Water Island Administrator, that correct sized tents were ordered to give to them and from that point on, all of the rules must be adhered to or else they will be evicted. Rules such as having current business licenses, nothing is to be hung from the tents or tables, all tables should be same sized, the parking of their vans, the leaving behind of various anchors, no sale of food, etc.

Posted : May 17, 2008 12:43 pm
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