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Visiting STX in 3 weeks. Will my AT&T iPhone still work on STX?

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After a four year absence due to all of the covid restrictions and personal health issues, wife and I are once again returning to STX for a couple of weeks (our 10th visit in the past 18 years).  Staying at the Buccaneer.  In the past our at&t iphones have always worked well due to AT&T being on the island.  Now that Liberty has taken over, can anyone advise as to whether our iPhones will still work, or will we have a problem?  Thanks in advance, and so looking forward to coming back to STX for one more time.  Steve

Posted : March 18, 2024 7:16 am
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We are seasonal residents and our AT&T phones work great down here. Enjoy the visit.

Posted : March 18, 2024 8:01 am
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The only thing to confirm is your phone plan covers the USVI.  Virtually all plans will include the territory.  The hardware isn’t a problem.

Posted : March 19, 2024 5:11 pm
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While visiting STX in 3 weeks, your AT&T iPhone should still work, direct tv packages provided that AT&T offers coverage in that area.<a href=" removed link ">directv tv packages</a> However, it's recommended to check AT&T's coverage map or contact their customer service to confirm network availability on STX. Additionally, ensure that your iPhone's roaming and international settings are enabled to avoid any potential connectivity issues while traveling.

Posted : April 2, 2024 7:48 am
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