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We reached STT - update

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Just wanted to update that we arrived on STT last week. We were able to get our tests and results back within 5 days of the flight. The USVI travel portal has to be filled out and test uploaded for each person over 5 then wait for that email and print THAT. 

We flew direct from ATL on Delta. N99 masks and face shields, first class. It was stressful with 2 kids and 2 elderly dogs but we felt pretty safe. A lot of people managed to have their masks off to eat on the plane (come ON, it's 3 hours you won't starve. Just get a pate when you land.)

So far everything has been extremely positive. Coming from the south, it has been like night and day seeing everyone wearing masks. At stores, they require you to use the hand sanitizer and there are partitions around the cashiers. Even old men waiting on side of the road alone for the dollar bus have their masks on. The contrast to where we came from is STARK. No wonder the cases have stayed pretty under control here. I heard they turned around the STJ ferry yesterday and kicked off 2 tourists who wouldn't wear a mask. 

We won't be dining indoors but we have had Ital from 2 outdoor trucks and I am in heaven. Everyone has been SO nice. We know to lead strong with a Good Day and Good Afternoon no matter what. 

Cost U Less and Pricemart were well stocked, we found everything we need and more and have been pleasantly surprised by the prices, we were prepared for worse. Bought all our appliances and beds in one fell swoop at Pricemart for way less than the prices in the States. 

Have to say it's pretty nice getting around downtown and Havensite without all the cruise ship tourists. 

We are off to the beach now, here is the view from our new place. 🙂 Hope this helps anyone who is trying to decide what to do! 

Posted : December 12, 2020 7:23 am
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That's awesome...congratulations!

Posted : December 12, 2020 8:39 am
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Welcome to your honeymoon period. Enjoy!

I second the part about cruise ships. I do not believe their presence added much to local economy but having extra 20-30 thousand people on the island was horrendous. 

Posted : December 12, 2020 10:10 am
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@STTsailor I agree. They are the lowest hanging fruit of tourists and I don't think it's worth it for how much the ships and people damage the island. 

Posted : December 12, 2020 1:12 pm
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