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What do you do in your spare time on STT?

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Bluewater's recent post https://www.vimovingcenter.com/talk/read.php?4,50217 brought a question to mind that I had been wondering about . . . namely, what do you do in your OFF time? Things that I'm aware of are a movie theater, restaurants, numerous places to shop, beachcombing, sunning, swimming, snorkeling and SCUBA diving.

I enjoyed some geocaching when I was there, but the 28 or so currently available among the USVI would quickly run out. As narrow as the streets are, I don't think there will be many answers of bicycling. I imagine some camping could be found. Of fishing and hunting, I'm guessing that there would be little hunting to be done. I'm sure I could find some place to fly my R/C Sailplane . . .

How else do you occupy your off time? What cultural events, i.e. plays, concerts, etc. are available in the USVI?


Posted : August 9, 2006 3:46 pm
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On STX there is a community theater - there's also Sunset Jazz concerts every month and frequent Jump Ups, parades, Mango Madness...the community fair, the food fair, the boat show at Christmas, the turtle watch in nesting season, frequent events at the Botanical Gardens...if you aren't beaching it, there's a lot to entertain you. Regular activities? Standing in line at __________ (please fill in the blank with any business or public entity you wish here) - however, some of my best conversations and learning experiences have been with standing in line! We've never had a weekend that we looked at each other and said "gee, I'm bored". On the contrary, we look at each other and say "lord, I'm tired...can we rest this weekend?" LOL!

Post script addendum - my dyslexia is acting up this morning, as is my attention span...I am referring to STX and just noticed you said STT...sorry for the screw up, but maybe someone can glean some info for STX from this post?

Posted : August 10, 2006 1:13 pm
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The Reichhold Center on STT has a very exciting season planned. Check out their website for a taste. Almost made me feel like I was in a major city!

There is also the Pistarkcle Theater, although I must confess I have not been in some time.

For the most part, our social activity centers around eating, drinking and the ocassional movie.

Posted : August 10, 2006 4:04 pm
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Becky R - That's right . . . I forgot about all the holidays and their celebrations. Maybe a future trip will include one of those times. Your reply may have been STX, but they were still items of interest. I guess standing in line at _____ holds true for anywhere in the VI. 🙂 Turtle Watch sounds like fun. When I lived in San Pedro, California we went to see the Grunion Run a couple of times and used to go whale watching.

Onika - just Googled the Reichhold Center and Pistarckle Theater and found they have a both have websites: http://www.reichholdcenter.com/ and http://www.pistarckletheater.vi/ Thanks. Will have to bookmark those.

We recently went to Phantom of the Opera in St. Louis - fantastic! First time I've been to a major production in something like 20 years and I enjoyed it.

I'm actually pretty easily entertained. Sometimes surfing the net and reading (how are the libraries?) will keep me occupied. Other times I've GOT to get out and do something. I'm thinking my '47 Plymouth convertible might be a problem on the island . . . or maybe not? I'm no socialite and can certainly enjoy simple pleasures. We just didn't see enough of STT when we were there to really get a feel for the island on a day to day level and appreciate what IS available. I'm looking forward to our next visit . . . whenever it is. Sigh

Thanks for the replies.


Posted : August 12, 2006 3:09 am
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John Tee-

Your mention of your '47 Plymouth caught my eye since I am married to a man who believes all good automotive products ended in the 1950's...LOL!

Beloved Spouse (BS for short) had a 1953 Buick Special whatever-whatever that he restored prior to our coming to the island....it was with a heavy heart he sold her (Beulah) - she would not have been conducive to trips on these roads, but that is probably the single most important thing in his own mind that he misses....his old cars. The parts probably would have been difficult to procure here and shipping possibly would have been a nightmare of epic proportions....besides the fact that she was constantly thirsty, and only got about 9 miles to a gallon.... but after seeing what the island weather and roads can do to a car he feels he adopted Beulah out to a person who could care for her best. It was a tragic day, believe me.

I do think an older car, especially a convertible, would be mighty hard to maintain in the islands, although Cuba seems to do quite well 🙂 That rag top is going to take a beating unless you have some protection from the sun.

Posted : August 12, 2006 3:07 pm
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Hello JohnTee,

Onika is right Reichhold does have an exciting season planned and Pistarkcle Theatre has regular community plays; so you can either watch or if you like to perform can check into being in the performances. They also have a summer program for children.

Tillett Gardens has regular Concerts in the Garden; Blues, Folk, Jazz.. They also host a Crafts Fair twice a year. Their upcoming season doesn't seem to be on their website http://www.tillettgardens.com/ as yet but it includes:
Patmore Lewis (Classical Violin), Otis Taylor (Blues), The Amadeus Trio (Classical), Sara Hickman (folk) and Valerie Capers Trio (Jazz).

UVI has the Little Theatre and they usually have a student/community play each semester.

Some local musical groups have performances like the St. John Singers, the UVI music departments choir and band, the Rising Stars Steel Orchestra, the Love City Pan Dragons to name a few. We usually include them on the events calendar on our sister site at http://www.vinow.com/general_usvi/local_events/.

There are annual events; the Chili Cook Off is coming up this month. Several big fishing tournaments throughout the year like the Blue Marlin Tournament that was just these last few days; and the public can attend some of the functions/parties they have. The Marlin Tournament supports the Boy Scouts... so can help with organizations like that. The Royak Regatta is another Boy Scout related annual event. The Rolex Regatta is annual and it also has parties in the evenings that the public can attend. Carnival is our big event. There are sports teams if you want to participate or help out... from teams for small children to adults and there are also Olympic federations. There is actually a group that bikes here on St. Thomas and on St. John there is an annual Triathlon, its actually coming up the first week of September. Consists of a half mile swim, a fourteen mile bike ride, and a four mile run. And if you like running there is a group for that and regular runs. There are a couple places where they have open Mic nights if you want to perform or watch. There is Chamber and they have regular gatherings. The Humane Society is a good place if you want to volunteer and there are lots of other groups for volunteering. There is hiking on St. John. Environmental groups exists too and they have hikes, cleanups, whale watching, ecological talks... at different times of the year.

I noticed you said what 'you do in your spare time'. Ok... so I have attended and/or participated in some of the things I listed but not all. 😉

Libraries; there is a public library in downtown Charlotte Amalie, Enid Baa Library. And the University of the Virgin Islands has a library, non-students can get a public borrowers card.


Posted : August 12, 2006 10:21 pm
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Christiansted Public Library - super facilities, great staff, good book selection and I believe that they are a member of MARMOT etc

Posted : August 13, 2006 4:12 am
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