Why Are The Banks C...

Why Are The Banks Closed Today & Monday?  

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Folks can have all the cultural celebrations that they want, but isn't there a law that prohibits banks from being closed for more than three consecutive days?

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They close 1/2 day today I think.
Some branches open on Sat. - 1/2 day and then Sunday is 3 Kings Day so they have to have Monday off and will reopen on Tuesday.
Any banking tranctions you do today or Sat. (if they are actually open) will not be credited or debited to your account until sometime on Tues. Such is life in the tropics!
I, for one, am ready for all the Christmas holidays to be over!

Happy 3 Kings Day!

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I can't believe that banks and businesses would close for a children's parade. Like that's important to the majority of people.

Exit Zero
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I would have thought the 'majority of people' on STX have children?

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The government is close as well, it's over after Monday then Martin Luther King day the 21st.

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