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Will use Alexandra Bently when I buy

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Okay, I have had a chance to look at a few topics. And I have decided to use Alexandra Bently when I buy there. What made me come to this conclusion; I saw the topic Neighborhoods on St. Croix. I then decided to check out her website and I see that she has all her ducks in a row. More specifically, she has the condos listed by name, and I didn't see the lower costs condos listed on her web like some of the others. Actually, from a post I posted on "need more info on Mon Bijou'' I listed two of the complexes that I liked.

However, now I will do more research to find out how much it will cost to move there. Such as moving a car, furniture, deposits for utilities....

Great job Alexandra, will be contacting you soon.

Posted : October 19, 2006 1:44 am
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Good for you!
Now you know why I take exception to anonymous posters slamming her, directly and indirectly, on this board... even if I display "attitude" that some may find too disparaging. Sorry to any regulars that I offend on occasion with that mindset.

Posted : October 19, 2006 3:04 am
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You won't be sorry dealing with her.

Posted : October 19, 2006 4:21 am
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Terry, yes, I know.

What I find interesting is, if you have something shipped there that's not made in America, it costs more!!!

Well, almost everything is outsourced, there's really nothing made here anymore - is there a place I can dispute this?

Posted : October 19, 2006 4:24 am
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You can dispute customs duties in the Congress, US Senate or Supreme Court. Got a good lawyer? These laws have been in effect since the islands were bought in 1917! Good luck! he treaty sates taht 6% duty will be charged on any itenm brought into the islands. If, when brought into the states, a duty of 12% is charged, we only charge 6%. Theorectically, if the duties have been paid in the US already, they don't collect them again. In the case of automobiles, the US pays 2.5% I believe, so, when coming in here you have to pay the difference of 3.5%. If made in Mexico or Canada, you pay the whole 6%.
What items are they harging you for?


Posted : October 19, 2006 10:59 am
(@Peter Z)
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You are partially correct, but it should be totally noted that the US Customs service on the islands does so as agents for the VI Dept of Revenue. All fees and charges that they collect go to the Virgin Islands general fund, they do not go to the states!
The original customs laws of 1917 and the amended articles afterward tax all items that are not made in USA or Denmark! Although the duty and other fees have been paid in the USA for some imports, the general fund needs additional monies in order to allow the Senators and Government to operate as they need to!
It should also be noted that UPS and FedEx are not exempt from the customs inspectors but that the USPS is, since the post office will not submit to the customs inpsections. All items that one purchases outside the island are supposed to be personally reported to the dept of revenue and be paid for. Same is true for purchasing from one state to another while in the states.

Posted : October 19, 2006 11:48 am
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I have never heard that. Certainly worth looking into. I do know that Internal Revenue Bureau collects taxes on imported items, no matter where they are made. I did believe that what duties the US Customs collect goes to the US.


Posted : October 19, 2006 12:51 pm
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Re: Customs duties going to the local govt. I never knew that, but it certainly does put things into perspective!!!!

Great to know our import tax dollars are supporting such a wonderful and worthy cause 😛

Posted : October 19, 2006 1:04 pm
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Wow, this is something! I need to find out where my Toyota was manufactured. I like totally understand. Yet, find it amusing that they would even charge extra for something coming from Mexico, in light of the fact that most of car manufacturers have assembly plants in Mexico.

Just yesterday, on CNN, AOL is closing call centers in Arizona & New Mexico. What gives, when you call AOL most likely the calls end up in India or Antiqua. With MSN your calls end up in India or Philippines. Wow. Then when I purchase other things, more than likely they are made in China. That explains why there's probably not a Wal-Mart on the islands or a Home Depot. You think?

Posted : October 19, 2006 4:09 pm
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of outsourcing.

Posted : October 19, 2006 4:19 pm
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There is a Home Depot on STT, but no Wal-Mart (yet). There was an interesting thread months ago about the pros/ cons of chain stores coming to the islands. You may also find similar thoughts expoused under the thread about an IHOP being built on STT. STX has less of these chain places so you may either appreciate STX more or lament its shortcomings depending on your point of view. Before coming you may want to trade your Toyota off for an "American" car, at least one that starts the VIN number with a 1 or a 4 to avoid some import taxes. Good luck!

Posted : October 19, 2006 7:18 pm
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offrdfun73, thanks for the information.

Especially about the VIN number. Again, thanks.

Posted : October 20, 2006 6:07 am
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Anjell - Sorry for the slow response - I was at a convention this past week and am just now back to a very water-logged island and trying to catch up. I'll be very happy to assist you with your real estate search. Feel free to contact me directly at stcroixhomes@hotmail.com and we can start discussing your needs and parameters so that when the time is right we'll be ready to rock and roll.

btw, people CAN click on the "search condos" link on my website and find ALL the condo complexes on STX, including the lower priced ones. However, the website has a maximum number of pre-built search links it will allow me to post so I opted to include the ones most popular with buyers relocating from the mainland... and for the most part, that doesn't include the bargain basement condo complexes. I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and am always open to feedback from users of my site. If there are ways I can improve it for public use, I am happy to do so.

Posted : October 21, 2006 5:00 pm
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