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My husband is going to be working on STX for the next few years starting at the end of August. We have only visited the islands once and after reading the Island news for the last month I am very concerned about crime and relocating. I would love any feedback about where is the safest place to live, best company to lease from.....oh, just any bit of info would help out a great deal....thanks

Topic starter Posted : August 2, 2005 3:28 am
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I bought a condo down there last winter at The Reef on the East End we have it rented to someone working on the island for the next six months. We found the whole island to be friendly but we found the East End made up of people like ourselves who were either snowbirds or transplants from the states. It's a little less developed on the East End so it has a spacious feeling. If you like city dwelling it won't be for you. If you want an area that has a lot of beautiful real estate and seems very safe you could start there. Perhaps sign a short term lease and check out the island for yourself. We use the rental agent at Coldwell-Banker his name is Joe and their number is 340 778-7000

Posted : August 2, 2005 4:01 am
Linda from Michigan
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I've been here living and working just over of 2 months. There is crime everywhere -not just on the island. If you are carefull, cautious, and aware of your surroundings and what is going on - try not to place yourself in an unsafe setting - you will probably be ok. Alot of the crime here seems to be known to known. Although, as some of our board people know personally, there are those that prey on easy targets - read Becky's posts.

You just aren't gonna get away from bad people no matter where you live.

I don't know about anyone else - I live on top of a hill. When I get off work at night - I run my errands if I must, go home and stay. (Guess maybe Mr. Right just hasn't found where I live - huh - lightbulb time!)

There are social activities - the eastenders are great people. So are the Northshore bunch.

Take the opportunities as they come to you. Remember - you can't be guarenteed that they will be offered to you again - And how sad it would be to NOT take them and spend your life wondering.....

Posted : August 3, 2005 12:23 am
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