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This is not a new subject. Do not support crap. Do not pay for junk. Choice internet lays down on the job almost every 60 minutes to smoke one, usually when you are in the middle of something. If they can't do it (and they can't) do not hire them. That is all. I can't watch a documentary or anything, and my bill is due again! AAAARGH. Just say no to crap! BTW, I am centrally located so EXCUSES about the location are not valid. I hope every one switches and you are finished, CHOICE. Too many good business are gone and you still are here? Go away!
BTW-If you work for Choice, I would be happy to document my experiences for the record if you are not afraid of the results!.

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You are right. Choice is the worng company to use if your want trouble free internet service.
I had used this company from the time it was Ackley Communications in the 90's and never had a problem until the last set of management came in and decided to give away cars and sell cell phones - then everything went to hell in a hand basket for the internet service portion of the business from the constant billing issues, to disconnection issues, the lack of tech support, the lack of service and on and on. It was a nightmare. God help you if you had a problem on a weekend!
BroadbandVI has proven much more reliable than Choice had become over the last couple of years. Glad I switched..you will be too!

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We have never had trouble with Broadband VI - it seems to always be on, even when WAPA and cable and phones are out! Plus my husband just found out they have free Wifi around the island for their customers, we just need to call and get our password!

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INNOVATIVE IS NO BETTER!! Our phone line/internet has been down since Tropical Storm Isaac...nothing to do with the Tropical Storm though. They said the line is corroded ...still no internet. They said they currently have no one scheduled to fix this???? So we went and canceled our service now they want to charge us $300 for canceling contract. REALLY??? they cant provide the service and expect us to stay with them?? STT businesses will run the island into the ground they are not going to be happy until all tourist stop coming and until all stateside ppl move off island ...After a 2 day visit to STX and the respect people gave us i wish all tourist would go to STX they deserve the business!

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It sounds as though you had a lovely time on STX for those two days and what a relief it must have been to get away from the hubbub, poor service and rude people on STT. Since STT is obviously on a major downslide and STX is so much better, when are you planning on moving to the big island?

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