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Yea...we have arrived safely on STT

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Yea...we have arrived safely on STT with our big dog buddy Santos. Was cool to drive around and see all the changes on the island. We are staying with an artist friend in downtown CA for a week, but have begun apartment hunting today-haven't even hit the beach yet!! Obviously not on island time, but found out that our shipping container hasn't arrived yet, so we'll try to relax a little.

The journey here was quite the ordeal...loading the shipping container in 2 hours, driving down the east coast to Fl, camping in COLD Florida (I mean 32F cold), then dropping off the dog in Miami, so the poor little guy could fly back to New York before meeting us in STT, missing our flight in Miami, sleeping on the floor in the airport...but WE"RE HERE 🙂

If anyone has any leads on a dog friendly apt, or wants to meet us for a drink, please give us a call at
(340) 227-1646. Off to Hull bay to take Santos for a swim...
peace, Jammin' Jerry Z & Beadmeistermel

Topic starter Posted : February 27, 2008 1:33 pm

Hope you find a place quickly. I'm sure you've checked the Classifieds on this site & you can pick up an Island Trader tomorrow.

Posted : February 27, 2008 3:55 pm
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