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Dear friends,
I'm from Ontario .I love to make pizza,so I decided to do it by myself.
but I wanna know which kind of cheese is the best choice for making pizza. When I searched over the net I found how to make pizza from the blog of freshslice pizza( ) with different cheeses .But I am confused . which kind of cheese is best . please give your opinions.

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hmm, depends on which type of pizza i am making. but usually i buy bagged shredded mozzarella . sometimes cheddar or mexican blend for mexican pizza

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I make pizza quite a bit and I have tried all sorts of stuff (usually because the store is limited on what they have). Surprisingly, the Essential Everyday Pizza Blend is probably my favorite for a straight cheese pizza. It's cheap too. Mix of low moisture mozzarella and cheddar.

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I like using provolone.

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With the Recent "Pizzagate" fresh in my mind...

What are you asking again? (haha)

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