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STX Resident hit by car killed with 4 yr. old.

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I know that I am taking a risk posting an email I received from friend regarding the identity of the person killed by hit and run driver earlier this week. I have not heard the status of the investigation and if the officials have detained a suspect, so if they have great, if not, this story may help inspire capture or guilty conscience to turn him/her self in or information that may lead to arrest.

This story should be printed in the Avis as a human interest story with the hope of helping. I sent the original article to a friend of mine that is off island and did not think any more about it until I received this reply........This is tragic......!

Does anyone know the status of investigation?

As per the reply;

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _: It turns out that I knew that woman killed by a hit and run driver. She was Naldina Hector, the sexton of our church and a member of the choir. She was the great-grandmother of the little boy who was walking with her when she was struck by the car. Maybe he was the reason the authorities knew a little about the car that killed her. She had raised him from infancy because his mother, Naldina's granddaughter could not deal with motherhood at her age and other reasons, neither could his grandmother. So Naldina took him, nursing him with baby formula from a bottle and carrying him with her everywhere by bus when a ride was not available. He came with her as she cleaned the church and rectory or sang in the choir. Everyone tolerated his explorations during services. He was a good little boy and nicely brought up in the Antiguan fashion for children. Naldina was the only care-giver he knew and he had to see her killed. They were actually walking to church in the rain because they had not been able to get a bus or a ride. So sad.

It was bad enough when she was incognito in the article you forwarded to me. But learning who she was and remembering her and her great-grandson together on so very many occasions in church, rectory, and as they sat outside those wrought iron gates waiting for a ride or a bus to come, makes it so much sadder and more really devastating. When Fr. Kerry Neuhardt was interim rector for a year, he drove to pick her up and return her almost every time she needed a ride. He will be sad to hear that she has died, and how.

Thank you for keeping me posted on the happenings in St. Croix while I am away. I really appreciate your forwards.
Love to you and _ _ _ _ _.


Topic starter Posted : August 23, 2013 11:47 pm
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