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FOR SALE- Custom jewelry/ lockets NEW TO THE V.I.

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South Hill Designs is a company that enables customers to create their own jewelry. It opened for business in October 2012. In the first two months the company grew by over 400% both in product sales and independent distributors!
South Hill Designs enables women and men to express themselves creatively through personalized jewelry. Selecting from a wide range of lockets, charms, coins, chains and droplets, customers can show their affiliations, enthusiasms and personal loyalties in jewelry they create themselves.

Imagine what you could DO if you could do what you IMAGINE!

Benefits of becoming a South Hill Designs artist-
* The BEST commission plan
*Earn between 20-40% commissions on personal sales based on your and your team sales
* Earn up to 12% on overall team sales
*Earn an ADDITIONAL 10% of your new team members first $1,000 in personal retail sales
*Earn an ADDITIONAL 2-3% at the Executive level on every member of your team through ALL generations!
*Earn between $250-$750 in lifestyle bonus
*Take 1 vacation month every 12 months
*Relaxed maintenance levels
*Company paid Hostess Plan with up to 25% of sales in free shopping dollars plus 1/2 priced items
*Inspirational, personalized product line. No two lockets are ever the same!
*Easy online order system
*Kits are shipping NOW- $59, $199 & $399
*Exceptional quality- Upgraded lockets surgical grade stainless steel with Swarovski crystals, stringer magnets, improved hinge and bail. Every locket comes with a FREE standard chain
*Exceptional corporate and customer support
*Weekly team calls and corporate webinars hosted by our founders!

SO, what are you waiting for?? Call- (787) 221-0891
enter- TODAY to become a part of this FAST growing team of independent distributors and artists at South Hill Designs!!

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