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Rentals, repriced for quick turnaround

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Hello there. I hope everyone is well. I just got a few drops in prices for rentals given the economy of late. I wanted to pass that along.

The first two are at the top of the moutain in Solitude, STX. One is a guest house, 1 bedroom and very high end with a wrap around porch, grill, view of the British Virgin Islands, pool and tons of outdoor areas to sit, lounge, entertain all with the most spectacular view. This was priced at $1,600 given the quality (attention to detail, polished stone interior, high end furniture) but at least for the next week or so, can be rented tor $1,400 and utilities only if the overall electric exceeds $500 per month, which is has not yet done.

The other is a studio, a starter apartment with a Murphy bed, two decks outside, access to grills and the pool and perfect for the individual who wants to pay less, save more. This has come down, and is now at $700 per month. Again, there is no charge for water, but if the electicity exceeds $500 for the units for a month, all will share that overage. So far, that has not happened, and WAPA is supposed to decrease this month, , so all looks good.

At the bottom of Constitution Hill, there is a lovely, 2 bedroom and extremely spacious home with a bonus room of a storage or office space. Originally $2,500, now $2,200. Full of archways, fine painings and sculptures, 2 bedrooms and two baths and a lot of yard. Pet are welcome within reason (no elephants if I recall).

Please private message me to set up an appointment to view one or more of these places, or if in the email, you include your regular email, I can send photos.

Best wishes,

Dan G.
Licenced Realtor and Property Manager for Calabash Real Estate
The Palms at Pelican Cove, C'sted, STX

Posted : December 2, 2008 5:02 pm
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