I arrived on Saturday for my first visit to St. Thomas since deciding that this is where I would like to call home. After visiting St. Thomas for the past 8 years, and understanding that there are significant differences, I’m looking to make the move in the next 3-5 years.

As if fated, I found VIMovingCenter.com shortly after my February visit, and it has been intriguing to look at the place through new eyes, which is what I’m planning to do while here for the next two weeks.

I’ve got some appointments set up with some realtors to get a sense of what it costs to live in what I think I want to live in. It’s different, as you know, thinking of a resort to stay in for a week and thinking of a location where you’d like to live from now on. As I have timeshares here, I’m also taking this opportunity to get a feel for the daily expenses (like the surprise I had a the grocery store yesterday – the coffee I buy at home for $5.99 a can is 12.99 here) – because eating out all the time, while fabulous and varied, is not how I’ll behave when I move – fascinating which things are higher – liquor is dirt cheap but wine, ohh la la…

I have been fortunate to become acquainted with a number of local people, and if makes all the difference in the world in helping a type-A such as myself understand what works here and what does not. I also have read the many messages on the USVI Moving Message Board about obstacles and barriers, etc,, etc. and I laugh because as a Chicago native, the issues raised about living on the islands are no different, in this context, than issues that occur anywhere else – I think expectations are skewed because a one-day cruise stop or a one-week visit five years ago is not the same as the day-to-day.

In any case, just wanted to let you all know there’s one more person on the quest.

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