I have had the most wonderful time in STX! It was better than I could have expected. My husband and I were able to find potential housing within hours of arriving. I’m pretty convinced that Craig (the husband) drives better on the left than on the right hand side of the road. On Wednesday night we ate at the Golden Rail and it was great. I love that there are beautiful boats so close, and fantastic food. I was very grateful to find the Morning Glory Coffee shop. We were there every morning to start our day (except Sunday). People are so friendly I am still amazed by it. Maybe I’m a hopeless optimist but I found very few negative things about moving to STX (centipedes will freak me out). Anyways, we made sure to eat at RumRunners and the food has lived up to what I’ve heard. I had some grilled scallops on salad that left me dead silent until I was done devouring them. We also ate at TuTu Bene and it was spectacular. I can’t wait to come back and try as many places to eat as I can afford.

I finally found out where we we going to stay about 24 hours before we arrived. We arrived at the Divi on Wednesday afternoon and I could not stop staring out our window. There aren’t any views like that in Indiana. We snorkeled and did some tourist things before we tried to be practical. My favorite was snorkeling off of Cane Bay.

I went to the grocery to price what I usually use and I was surprised to see that paper towels were $3.50 a roll, mind you this was at Schooner Bay Market so I don’t know what the other markets have it priced at, oh well who cares if you get to live in paradise. I made it to a K-Mart and was happy to see all the items I was hoping too. I met many locals and many transplants. I asked a lot of questions too. I sure hope the written job offer comes soon so I can throw every thing I own in my front yard and sell it or give it away.

My main concern after that is getting my family (my two cats and a dog) out here in one piece. I’ve not researched airline regulations quite yet. My dog is 17 pounds but I don’t think that they will let me carry on 3 animals at once. Wow, people on the plane would love me! I’ve got so much to do in such little time but I don’t want to make a move until I know in concrete when (or if) I’m leaving. If we move it will happen very fast.

All I can say is WOW what a beautiful place to have an opportunity to call home!

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