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Re: BBVI constantly dropping internet connection every 3-4 minutes.

Aside from Viya and AT&T, there are several ISP's partnered with viNGN. They are all doing the same thing - reselling viNGN's bandwidth. There is also...

6 years ago
Re: Actual cost to ship boxes of household goods to STX

In the NYC area I would suggest going to the Tropical Shipping location in Kearny, NJ. It's easy to get to and a simple process. They give you a palle...

7 years ago
Re: Year One

We had a brand new Subaru with a loan on it when we moved down. It was financed through JPMorgan Chase - they partner with Subaru and handle all of th...

7 years ago
Re: Broadband VI unusable lately

After three years of consistently fast, reliable internet from Innovative, we moved into a house that isn't (and can't be) wired for cable. The people...

7 years ago
Re: Shipping company recommendations

We shipped a car with Crowley from Pennsauken (just outside Philly) and a few palettes of household goods with Tropical from Kearny, NJ. Tropical...

9 years ago
Re: Innovative fiber optic

We've had it for almost a year now. Outside of the recent handful of WAPA power outages we have never lost service. I test the speed regularly and it ...

10 years ago
Re: Jazz, Tap, Ballet on STT

Thank you for the replies. We certainly understand and accept that STT will be nothing like NY in many ways - performing arts scene included. We've ...

11 years ago
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