My wife and I just came back to Wisconsin after our pre-move trip. Everything went great. We found a possible apartment and my wife even had a nice job offer coming in, but the pre-move trip actually turned out to be a no-move trip as we decided not to move to the islands. I realize that this is slightly off-topic, but I thought it would be interesting for those thinking about moving that are using the VIMovingCenter Message Board and website, as I did a couple of months ago.

So why not move? Actually that’s the difficult question. I have to say there wasn’t one big thing, but rather a bunch of small things. I think the littering in Charlotte put me off, as did the remoteness from family, and the corrupt politics and the unwillingness among the locals to do anything about it. Also, there may be expansion of the family in the future and I wouldn’t want that to happen so far away from the rest of the family.

Still, every day I spent in the VI after making the decision not to move, I changed my mind at least once. Sometimes I wish that we had not made a pre-move trip and instead just taken the plunge and dealt with it. My hat is off to the people that do that.

Instead we’re taking a plunge of a different sort, trading sun and beach for the cold and dark of Sweden. Insanity – yes, I know, but you just have to follow your heart with these things.

Thanks to everyone that work with this web site ( and all the folks that take their time to answer questions. The community in the VI is excellent, keep it up guys. Who knows, in a few years we may just get the urge for island life again.

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