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Hi. My family and I have been having this small (very big. And loud) problem since we moved here around two years ago.

I'm sure that most of you know that down on Raphune Hill, there lies a church. I think it's the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), but that's not the point.

I don't have a problem with religion. It's just that when services are performed at night do I and my family member get extremely irritated.

For the past three nights, the church has been celebrating or performing a service VERY LOUDLY, might I say, from 7:30~ PM to past the time I've kicked and fussed my way to sleep, which usually happens at around 11 or even midnight because I can't deal with noises on that level.

It's the fact that I'm usually very quick to fall asleep into a deep slumber that gets to me. My mother is a very light sleeper. Even a dog barking will wake her up immediately, as happened with some neighbors from hell that had four dogs (but that's a story for another day), so when a church that is OVER 100 feet away can wake me up, she's definitely going to be up all night.

I'm a student and my mother works seven days a week, around 10 to 12 hours a day.

Needless to say, my mom and I were both pissed.

Multiple times, between the two of us, my mother and I have contacted the local police department, who would then direct us to 911. I found that strange at first since it said to only contact 911 if it was an emergency, but I digress.

Every single time, my mother and I have been treated with disrespect.

A typical phone call goes something like this:

"911, how may we help you?"

"Hi, I'd like to report a noise complaint about a church down Raphune Hill. This is *insert time and day and how long the service has been going on*"

"They seem to be having a planned service."

"Ok, but *I then quote the Virgin Islands Code – Anti-Noise Ordinance
Title 19 (Health), Part VI (Regulatory Provisions Concerning Public Health), Chapter 62 (Noise Pollution Control)* and this is in direct violation of USVI laws."

silence from 911...ironically

"Isn't there any regulation on something like this?" At this point, I was getting rather irritated at the lack of response and professionalism coming from an EMERGENCY LINE.

More silence...and then a curt reply along the lines of "we'll send an officer to the location now. Have a nice night."

Shocked, I just stuttered out a similar "have a good night" after a brief silence.

The call terminated.

Note, I'm not one to get mad over small things in life. However, this is some of the rudest treatment I have ever received from a working professional in the justice department. It was as if they just didn't care that I was going out of my mind just trying to get a night's sleep so I could wake up the next day and go to school without falling asleep.

I'm planning to write to the Chief of Police, but I hate taking matters so high up when I know they can be resolved easily.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for reading, and have a good night.

EDIT: It is now 12:30 AM, and the drums, singing, screaming are still going strong.

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You will get more responses if you post in the General/Relocating Board. Just copy and paste the post.

Sorry about the problem you are experiencing 🙁

I understand why you are angry :-X

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Consider moving.
I doubt very much anything you do will be able to terminate nightly services by a church in your nearby location.
Have you spoken to the head of the Church?
Is this a new thing that just began?
Supposedly, there is a 10PM curfew on noise.
I don't know the ordinance number.
Do your research, contact the head of church, if that fails make an appointment to see the Police Commissioner. If all fail, move to a new location and make sure it's quiet before moving in.
Good luck.

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I don't think that the LDS church is on Raphune. Isn't it up toward Ft Mylner? Loud services don't seem to be their style. There is a church next to the SDA church in a small building, could that be it?

As an aside, trying to get anyone in the police department to pay attention to the noise ordinance is next to impossible. I know the folks in Red Hook have gone around and around about noise from Senor Frog and Melt, etc. They act as though they are going to do something. They say they need to have sound level meter checks. They say the sound level meters aren't working. Repeat. There was a huge complaint about noise from Crown Bay on Friday night. Evidently when people called they were told they had a permit until 4 am. Oh, okay, that's something else. :-X

I am sorry, but the response that it is "our culture" doesn't cut it. No one had amplified music until quite recently.

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i understand your struggle. we live upwind of a bar. there was one weekend where it sounded like the entertainers were in our house at 3:30 AM. i called the police/ but they stopped by 4:00 AM.

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