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27/M......stuck on the mainland!!!!!

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I realize how often these posts come across and how un-original I may sound. I have had enough of the life I live. I mean don't get me wrong I have a beautiful son, great job, and pretty easy life. But, something's missing. I have got to carve my own path in this world and for two years have entertained the idea of giving it all up to start all over. I like to think of my life as a brick wall, waiting to be busted apart and then built again. When I seem to pursue my dream of living in the USVI, all I get is negative feedback. "You'll never get there"....You'll never make it if you do" I would love some positive rein-forcement. I would love to have an "island friend" or someone I could contact when a question does come up. Im a simple guy, just looking to meet new people. People who want to help make my dream a reality. Im not looking for room and board, just some advice on how much I need to save, where to stay, where to work.....etc. I am a GM in Retail, but wouldnt care what I did once I got there. I can get the basics from many web sites across the net, but would love actual friendship from someone there. Any thing you could help with would be greatly appreciated. Remember....sometimes you gotta tear it down to re-build it!!! Feel free to contact me at tj5@sbcglobal.net

Posted : March 15, 2007 5:02 am
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Will this move involve a wife & son coming also? What island were you thinking of? Have you visited here before? My pre-move visit consisted of 1 overnight & I was here in a week. It's tougher with a child. If you're talking about St. Thomas there are lots of retail opportunities. I have no idea how much you'd need to save because a lot depends on if it's just you or a family of 3. How old is your son?

Half my family thought I was nuts. The other half was jealous. The "she's nuts" thinkers are dead & I don't speak to the others. I've lived down here for 25 years & don't regret a minute of it. You must remember that it's hard work to live here. Unless you have beaucoup bucks you will most likely work harder than you ever have before. I know I have. Nobody can make your dreams a reality. You have to.

You can rent a studio from Ronnie at Villa Fairview (STT) starting at $800.00/month while you scout around. You also need to know that geographical cures rarely, if ever work. You're still bringing what may be a problem with you if that's the case, meaning yourself. If that's not the case, visit. Nobody can say if you'll like it here permanently or not. That's entirely up to you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Posted : March 15, 2007 9:58 am
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I don't know your situation because I don't recognize your name. What new people often see as negative advice here isn't. We are simply telling you the truth so you will be prepared if you come down here. As trade says its very hard and expensive. Doesn't mean we don't want you to come, just we want you to have the facts. We're not trying to crush dreams but prepare you so you can succeed. Naturally when children are involved we all tend to be a little more serious in our advice because you are not just risking yourself but your child (as you well know not trying to imply anything mean). The people on this board offer a wealth of experience, if for some reason you're getting ALOT of people saying you shouldn't come, really search your heart to see if there is any truth to what they say.

Posted : March 15, 2007 11:50 am
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Go for it.I've been planning our move to STX for about a year and heard all the negative some positive some disbelief.I get the feeling that most my friend and family think we won't move,think again.My wife and I will be coming down for our PMV in may.We still live in the town we both were born in so it's a big deal.I think it will work for us we are so ready for a change.Don't get me wrong were not escaping anything fact is we love where we live,just ready for something new.This board has been the best thing for me,I don't post much but I read it almost every day.All the unanswered questions will be here.Use the search at the top to get many answers without having to post.I'm not there yet so I can't speak from experience but soon I will.I nothing else TRY is what I say you will not regret a try you will regret a no try.GOOD LUCK and we will see you down there..............

Posted : March 16, 2007 2:04 am
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