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A Final Word On Crime

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Please don't think of us as fighting, if anything it was a lively exchange. I have no hard feelings, and I'm sure Future Islander does not either. Hopefully it has given us all food for thought.

Posted : May 25, 2006 12:38 pm
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Thanks guys! Glad the board is once again HAPPY!



Posted : May 25, 2006 4:49 pm
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I don't live in the Virgin Islands but do visit often. I think I have an understanding of the depth of the problem, and would offer two suggestions. This is over=simplified, but I just want to get a point across.

1. All newcomers should register to vote. Use Florida as an example. Politicians have long catered to the Cubans who relocated to Miami. Notice we still have the blockade of all things from Castro-land, for the simple reason that the politicians don't want to offend the Cubans in Miami. They are afraid of losing their votes, because they are so numerous. Lose Miami, you may lose the state.

Central Florida is another example. We have such a high Puerto Rican population now that the politicians are catering to them. If you lose the Puerto Rican vote along the I-4 corridor, the fear is that you will lose the state. This applies to local, state and national politics.

This happens because these people all register to vote, and use their vote to influence change. Once their numbers and voting power are recognized, change can occur. This may take years, but you need to start somewhere. Band together, support you own candidates.

What is the main cause of crime? Someone said young men between the ages of 11 and 30. Arrest them. Can't? Why not? Police are corrupt, and fear of retribution. Sounds like a police problem. Change the police, hire honest officers. Can't? Which politician is in charge of hiring them? Vote him out. Like I said, it takes a long time, but if you start now, it's certainly better than doing nothing.

2. Contact the Guardian Angels. I'm not sure how they operate, but they have been very successful worldwide, and they may be able to offer some assistance. Check out their website.

That's my two cents. Have a nice weekend, and best wishes to all of you.

Posted : May 27, 2006 12:47 pm
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Thanks for your input, at least you have given it some thought. Do you really think you can legislate away crime? Even if we replaced the corrupt police with honest police, will this solve the problem?

David Bayley offers an opinion in his book Police for the Future: “The police do not prevent crime,” he says. “Police are, indeed, only a band-aid on cancer. . . . We cannot rely upon the police, even when they are dedicated to preventing crime, to save society from crime.”

Even schemes like neighborhood watch, or the use of Guardian Angels, haven’t proved to have an effect that lasts, particularly in high-crime areas. Crackdowns on specific crimes, such as drug trafficking or robbery, have dramatic impact for a while, but again, the effects are DIFFICULT TO SUSTAIN.

David Bayley also says: “That the police are not able to prevent crime should not come as a big surprise to thoughtful people. It is generally understood that social conditions outside the control of the police, as well as outside the control of the criminal justice system as a whole, determine crime levels in communities.”

It is interesting to see how people dwell on the prevention of crime through some sort of police action rather than changing social conditions.

Police work certainly does have some effect on improving social conditions. When streets are visibly cleared of drugs and violence, people tend to live up to the community’s improved image. But really, reforming society is beyond the scope of any police force.

Can you imagine a society where people have such respect for the law that they don’t need police? Can you picture a world where people have such concern for one another that neighbors are always willing to help and no one needs to call police for assistance? Think more about ways to accomplish that, and you will be well on your way toward the solution for crime.

Posted : May 27, 2006 2:06 pm
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Future Islander says:
"For example:
“YOUTHS Claim Boredom Is Main Cause of Juvenile Crime,” declared a leading British newspaper.
How about programs being developed to occupy (as well as educate) youths. (Boys & Girls Clubs, scouting, church youth groups, after school activities, etc.) It won't solve everything, but it's a start.

We already have all of those programs. The root cause goes way deeper than that. The root cause of the claim of boredom is that youth are raised in a society where they are taught that they MUST be entertained 24 hours a day. They have not been taught the value of quiet introspection. Entertainment becomes the main focus of life, and any second without it is considered "boring."

Crime is a natural outgrowth of society. It is impossible to get rid of it. There is no way you will ever convince every human to live according to the ten commandments, or whatever rule of law is applicable. You just have to learn to live with crime.

Posted : May 30, 2006 1:24 pm
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I saw a great lack of empathy among the young - empathy for their peers, elders and even animals.
Without empathy, there can be no real core understanding of right and wrong. Just a mouthing of words, but no real gut understanding.
Empathy is taught - a baby will pull the wings of a butterfly and laugh until the parent steps in and educates the baby about pain and suffering and caring for others.
The parenting that I have observed all over the island was woefully lacking in any skills and was actually very aggressive and violent towards the young children in public. God knows how they behave in private!?
I believe therein lies part of the problem...ignorant young parents immersed in the selfish material gangsta - rap culture raising small copies of themselves.

Posted : May 30, 2006 4:53 pm
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