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Are there any natives on here?

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Agree with Klpmtm wholeheartedly!!!!

Who hasn't even moved here yet ... The funny thing is that many people who move here after reading only this forum for their "take" on island living sometimes find the reality of living here vastly different from that which they gain from reading about it and some end up being the most dreadful "Negative Nellies" of all. And no, before I get jumped on, I'm NOT pointing a finger at anyone here, merely making an observation on something I've unfortunately seen many times over many years.

There's another forum I contribute to which has a VERY small and sparsely written-on section for the USVI and it's always with a sense of dread that I offer advice on there to people seeking input on a possible move. I discovered very quickly that if I offer anything other than the admonition to pop onto this website for information, there are a few people who came, saw and left who can't wait to jump in and go on a total diatribe bent about everything connected with the USVI, warning them to stay away at all costs. It's sad.

Old tart,

My agreeing with Klpmtm was merely about observing the negativity that CAN be here on this board. Sure, Klpmtm has not moved here yet. She was simply stating that some people are always going to be negative. I choose to try to find the good in my surroundings and the people I deal with daily.

I have stated I have been here for four years and am very involved in the community. I have children in school and am doing what I can to improve our islands. I work both on STT and STX and see the faults and the beauty of all the islands.

I was not jumping on you., I was simply agreeing with Klpmtm, and I apologize if you felt attacked by was not meant that way

Posted : February 10, 2015 1:44 pm
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I was not jumping on you., I was simply agreeing with Klpmtm, and I apologize if you felt attacked by was not meant that way

It never crossed my mind for a second that you were. As I (obviously unsuccessfully :D) explained earlier, a simple comment merely led my old brain to a general observation which I expressed. Because Joseph loves ice cream doesn't mean that everyone named Joseph therefore loves ice cream. I don't engage in "double speak" and if I feel "attacked" by anyone I'll come right out and say it. Peace.

Posted : February 10, 2015 1:58 pm
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Perfect.....that is always the best way.


Posted : February 10, 2015 2:07 pm
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