BACK TO STT!!!!!!!!  

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FRIGGIN HAPPY DANCE!!!! We will be back to STT SOON! Like next few weeks-soon! My fiancé no longer works at Officemax after 17 years. Crazy crazy drama from every single angle in our lives since Irma - but we're alive, still here, sticking it out, trying not to kill each other or other islanders but I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to get back to my favorite rock!!!!!

PLEASE let me know if you or know of someone who has a rental. We will be in STT this weekend and have a few to look at so far. We are looking for one bedroom - maybe two if the price is right. HOPING for $800 for 1bd or more of course for two. Not expecting anything included but must be northside. We are the BEST tenants ever. Always auto-pay direct from bank or pay early, quiet and OCD clean. Treat rentals like I would want my rental treated.

Cant wait to get back to my wata job doing design/photo/drone work on the side. Of course haven't really be able to work since Irma with no power or wifi. Yikes.

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Wow I am happy for you guys. Hope you find a good place and make sure it is hurricane strong!

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anything that's left should be pretty hurricane strong, right?

Have fun over there, I'm sure this will be an interesting time to move.

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We all knew you guys wouldn't be on STX long.

All the best on your newest adventure!

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We will miss you on STX west end! Do come back for visits!

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