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Best Realtor to Sell your USVI house  

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For those of you who have sold a house here in the USVI (specifically STX), tell me why you loved (or didn't love) your realtor:

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Didnt love ours.
We did most of the work.
She wanted us to take the offer and go... We said no and got asking price....
Plus she never showed it. Others did.
What we did like was the coverage we got. Good pictures etc.

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Most if not ALL realtors are idiots. When I listed my house in the states I left strict instructions to be sure to LOCK both locks and ARM the alarm system. And please remember to turn off all the lights. I would arrive home hours later and the lights were left on, the alarm not armed and one if not both of the locks were not locked!
One realtor called after showing the house and wanted to know how she is supposed to arm the alarm while still in the house. How does she get out after it's set. I told her to either jump out the window or climb up the chimney like I do.
In one instance I was home during the showing. The prospective buyer asked me all the usual questions while the realtor just stood there clutching her clipboard. About 3 minutes into the barrage I told the realtor if I had to sell the house for her while she stands there and listens that I would get half her commission.

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Call Pam McFadden, Coldwell Banker, Office: 340.778.7000
We used her when we sold STX property.
Awesome to work with - Great communication - Highly recommend her.
Good luck in your search!

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Waves, just curious but I seem to recall that you purchased a house shortly after moving to STX so are you selling it now? Moving away?

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