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Building a Conex house  

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Looking into buying and modifying an existing home or building a new residence out of conex containers.

Has this been done on the island? A post from 2012 discussed this but there was no follow up on progress.

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The only building I've ever seen on STT constructed from conex containers is in Smith Bay where several of them are stacked to form a small business/retail center. They've been there for well over two decades. I've not come across any used for residential purposes and have no idea how many hoops you'd have to jump through to obtain permitting.

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I converted one into a living quarters years ago for someone else, and priced out building one for myself for a while but couldn't get the numbers to add up. It seems like a good idea but by the time you insulate enough to compete against the tropical sun it turns out that you can build with wood or concrete for almost the same price but have a much more flexible floor plan in the long run. The conex containers also start to rust here within a few years so be prepared to put a roof on or spend time patching every few months after a while. It is nice that they are readily available, somewhat bombproof and stack easily but unless you are considering it an upgrade from tent living, to make a comfortable place out of one here it definitely is not very cost effective unless you want to live very simply.

For anyone who does go that route I recommend buying aluminum reefer containers as opposed to the standard steel ones. They last longer here and are already insulated which saves some headache but either way to keep it cheaper you still end up living in 8' wide rooms that are get pretty cozy quickly. I think they would work well in other climates but here there are more cons than pros when it comes to container housing.

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I have seen a home here that has one as a guest room/office and one as a tool shed/workshop - both have a/c units.

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There is one, a two story in LaReign on STX.
Looked into it when we were going to build but found same as Nohstx. If you have a place to store them, you can buy them cheaper in the states and loan then to someone to have their stuff shipped to your island if they pay the shipping. Then when you get enough build your place. That was the hang up I had. My property was going to require a crane to get them up on it and to get it done all at once I was going to have to buy and ship them all at once.

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