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What I am wondering is what ABC/HD station is STT getting? Surely they are not pissed on with the local 8. Exactly what stations/call letters to they receive in the form of ABC-CBS-NBC.

We are not able to receive the late NFL game on NBC (12/7) because of either where we are or just not worthy as usual.

I can not believe that we as a (stepchild) would still have to be under some crap broadcasting and the other side 40 some miles away gets much better. Sounds like bad Dish representation on STX.

For now it is what they want it to be.

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We get the same as you. Why would you think different?

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Personally, I could care less whether HD or not.
Obviously, I have lived here to long!:@)

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Read the thread I just bumped up


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They get the same channels. ABC is the same ABC as you would get with cable.
Has nothing to do with "representation".

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