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Good Samaritan. Hey a positive story!  

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So today my fiancés car broke down on the way to work. Belt blew. He called me to pick him up and to take him to work but as I pulled up there's a guy helping him. He said 4 others stopped too.

We knew the belt was gonna go soon as it was making horrible noises and we had even bought a belt ready to put on.

This guy - "Cayenne" took time from his day to help remove the belt - even running to his house down the street for the right tools. When we all realized it wasn't the right belt he followed us to advanced auto where he knew everyone there, went into the back and grabbed the right belt. We then drove back up the hill near drakes seat where he totally fixed the car.

I mean REALLY!? How awesome is that! Super nice guy and is great to see people doing good things!! It's easy to focus on the negative and lately even I've been bumming about the trash that seems to be worse but this was a nice refreshing bit of positivity.

Side note he broke down right at the base of the hull going west to drakes... Did you notice they filled the massive potholes!!! My CRV always got wrecked on those, it was a god day 🙂

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People used to always stop to help, and I think they still do that most of the time, here in the islands. Not so much on the mainland. Everyone assumes the person has a cell phone and has called for AAA . Glad you had a positive experience, just when the garbage and pots holes were piling up! 🙂

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i have had people stop to help no matter here or stateside.

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A great story!

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