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Is Puerto rico more like the US or latin American country?

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I know allot of you here go to Puerto rico for business, for purchases, Transit, or to resolve medical problems . In your experiences and perspective is Puerto rico seem to you like any place in the US city where hispanic live or another latin american country that is under US territory status Self governing autonomous commonwealth that shares powers with the US.

Quick Facts

Puerto rico Population estimated 3,998,235 (2012 )estimate 4,012,113

San Juan Population 1,098,550

Metro area 2,725,000 Estimated

Official language as of 2004 Spanish is the official language of Puerto rico most likely it will be overturn again by pro statehooders that currently run the government to Spanish and English

since 1960 there have been 4 Status plebiscites and 2 referendums

all defeated Commonwealth won

last one 1999 defeated

Commonwealth supporter 52%

statehood 44%

Independence 4%

estimated 1999

last study conducted by The US congress in 2002 said that the majority or puertoricans consider themselves Puerto rican Nationals and then US citizens. As per the questions 63% of Puertorican consider puerto rico a Country with national identity. In 2007 the United nations resolved that Puerto rico is a National Country that the nationality of their inhabitants is Puerto rican and ask the US to resolve once and for all the colony status that Puerto rico haves.

Please give me your islander opinion???????????????????????????????

Topic starter Posted : March 12, 2009 11:21 pm
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San juan is like NY City with palm trees!
The inner island seems quaint & poor,but it`s actually socially rich!
Puerto Rican people are generally quite pleasant,friendly & love to party!
Most just speak Spanish(or act as they only speak it).

No good morning/afternoon,evening needed, a happy smile is all that is needed/required for a positive responce!

Everything moves slow(some slower than here if you can imagine that).

I call it de Isla de la Manyana (my crappy Spanish for the Island of tomorrow as nothing happens fast,or at all).

Posted : March 14, 2009 1:21 am
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