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Moving in 3 weeks!!!

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Hello All,

Things have just changed in a hurry which is giving me the opportunity to move to STX in 3 weeks. I was planning on making my trip at the beginning of September but not anymore. This isnt a random trip what so ever there has been years of research and all of the above. But I just have a few questions.

A place to live is the first.....I have been on the island trader all the time but i know it is impossible to get something rented off island...does anyone have any suggestions for a place to live for a simple 22 year old male w/ out many material needs?

I will also bring up the employment issue which i am really not to worried about....just a quick rundown...I just graduated college in may with a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration so another words I have had lots of bartending and serving experience and have just finished up managing a brand new Ruby Tuesday opening. I will never limit myself to only hospitality stuff b/c I will take any job right off the bat so i can just get settled. But if anyone has any leads or suggestions for some hot spot jobs for restaurants or any other jobs that would be great.

Transportation is another thing: once again the island trader has lots of deals that dont seem bad. Is it better to buy from a private seller or a dealership (all i need is a simple island car).

Those are my few little basics i want to cover b/c for the most part I have everything else under control.

Take care everyone and I guess Ill be seeing you much sooner then planned. Thanks for all the help and wealth of info...If it wasnt for the board this prolly wouldnt be happening.

Kyle aka Fitz

Posted : July 2, 2007 1:55 pm
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Hi Kyle aka Fitz

Just wanted to make sure that you knew that the Island Trader now has the ST Croix edition online. The CRUCIAN TRADER can be accessed through the Daily News web site. It still isn't getting enough ads but hopefully it will improve.

good Luck with your move.

I'm really happy to hear that you..."have everything else under control" (lol)

Maybe some day I can say that too.

Posted : July 2, 2007 3:32 pm
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I've said this before but get a good resume put together, send it out & on the cover letter, say when you will be arriving. As you know, you won't get anything while off--island but hotels are usually always looking for F&B people.

Posted : July 2, 2007 9:39 pm
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Just wanted to say good luck in your adventure and all the best with your move!


Posted : July 3, 2007 10:42 pm
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Hello all,

Thanks for all of the best wishes and support.

I will be leaving bright and early August 1 and moving into my apartment that night. I got a place at Peter Farm Condos in Christiansted. The only thing I have to get done is a job but I am not to concerned.

Thanks again everyone and I hope to meet all of you when i get to STX!!!


Posted : July 3, 2007 11:29 pm
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