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Opinions please, are we too negative, too positive or just right?

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Those of us who live in the VI and post on this board are often criticized for being too negative to posters who are considering a move - naysayers. And then in the next breath we are criticized for glossing over the problems here - cheerleaders..

So what do you think? Do you feel our comments and advice is balanced or does it tilt one way or the other? To those of you who have moved here and are disappointed with the result, did our comments and the moving stories give a false impression of what life here is like?

Anyway, for those on STX, don't forget brunch on Sunday.

Posted : November 25, 2006 12:47 am
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Hi Linda,

You go Gal!

For what its worth (FWIW) I believe these boards have been a blessing for those interested in the VI. I got hooked by reading these threads and, someday, hope to make the islands my home. Just remember that you will never be able to please ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME and what you write is what you are feeling at that particular time. If someone wants to know about the positive side, let them know... If someone wants to know about the negative side, let them know... There are enough stories on this board to answer just about anyone's questions on the island, if they would just do a search, but, as you all know, the 'IGG (instant gratification generation)' will not do... I just think it's great you and the others are still interested enough to keep posting your comments and encouragements. To you and the others I say:

Maybe someday, I'll be there with you...

Posted : November 25, 2006 1:20 am
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Hi Linda J
We aren't on the island yet..but will soon be. However, I want to say that I think the boards have been very balanced. I will let you know after we are on the island for awhile, but I think we are realistically prepared for what lies ahead. Thanks to all of you!!!

Posted : November 25, 2006 1:29 am
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Many initial posters post blindly and simply don't bother to do their research on this forum. If they would only go first to Islander's first post, they would discover a wealth of information both past and present FROM CONTRIBUTORS, not directly from Islander who is the forum moderator, which would put them on the right path. But they don't, and then when some of us answer just a little bit "snarkily" to some of the same old same old questions, the accusations fly.

There was recently a rather prolonged post where someone took umbrage about the term, "newbie," and felt it was offensive. They felt that "newcomer" or whatever else was more appropriate. Oh Lord alive!

This site and this forum are an invaluable tool for anyone thinking of relocating here but they are exactly that - a tool. An internet tool, replete with easy instructions (as in the first announcement about clicking here for a new poster/reader) which provides easy up-to-date links on pretty much everything. And then there's the search engine which is designed to help anyone looking for particular answers to particular questions on particular issues.

No, Linda J, I don't see all the comments either one way or the other. There is much black and white but an enormous amount of inbetween grey. My experiences here have been interesting to say the least.

Many come here on a temporary basis and they have no interest in the local scene and that's just fine. Others come down here thinking seasonal but maybe longer and likewise have little interest in the political scenario. They're just not interested in making a difference. And that's fine!

I'm sorry, I've segued way off and I'm really tired and either tonight or tomorrow I need to address a forum contributor on St Thomas Source who just wrote a a really stupid letter about a recent letter I wrote!

Cheers! Linda J, and others, just simply direct new dumb posters with politesse and grace to that top of the page announcement.

Posted : November 25, 2006 2:25 am
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I believe that this is one of Linda's questions. I answer questions on over 8 message boards. I am often asked how I can keep answering the same mundane questions over and over again. I choose to. I feel that those who do not choose to, should not answer 'snarkily' as STT puts it, but just ignore it. I don't care how many instructions there are on the Internet, people will still ask questions. I simply answer them and then tell them the answers all on the top of the page by clicking on the Moving Center link. No harm done. I have seen people jumped on for asking a question and tell them to do their homework. Hey, this is their homework. I don't think it's necessary, I think it's rude. It does not portray us well at all. Just keep it simple. If you want somebody to snarl at, drive down the street and snarl at the taxi drivers or the police for cripes sake! And if you can't answer a question, don't. Someone else will. No need to throw in a copy of the VI Phone book so they can look it up. Little silly isn't it? Look it up yourself and put the number in.

As far as glossing over some subjects I know lots of people get into lots of details that the average person may never ever come across. A happy medium needs to be reached on some subjects, that's all.


Posted : November 26, 2006 11:36 am
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I will lobby for you to be new Tourism Commissioner or VI ambassador (if we had one.) You are correct and this note should be on a sticky.

Posted : November 26, 2006 12:57 pm
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Very well put!

I agree 100%!!!!!


Posted : November 26, 2006 1:06 pm
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and his answer is right on the mark.

Posted : November 26, 2006 2:46 pm
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As a relatively new member of the board (I lurked without joining for a long time), I would say that while the overall tone is tremendously helpful and constructive, there are a few excessively negative and dare I say rude voices who could have the potential to drive away more sensitive souls. Fortunately, I am pretty thick-skinned. I would certainly recommend this board to anyone wanting more information about living in the USVI.



Posted : November 26, 2006 11:55 pm
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It's all in the eye of the beholder! Hard to say if it is too negative or just straight to the point. I would much rather someone throw it out there so I can be prepared. Some issues are negative, but maybe they should be. I can only see it from the outside. Our PMV is scheduled in a couple weeks!!!!

Posted : November 27, 2006 12:15 am
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I think it is up to each individual to decide. I read this board for about 6 months prior to my move. I got a lot of general information I needed but decided pretty quickly that most of the advice given out on this board was not for me. Three years later my opinion has only been confirmed. Every move is different and every person has a different set of standards. There is not a one size fits all advice for everyone moving to the U.S.V.I.
There will always be negative people on message boards and others who suffer under the delusional notion that they are the burning bush of information on living in the Islands.
These boards are like most. Take them with a grain of salt. There is a lot of good information on logistics of moving and initial Island set up. Most things you will figure out yourself by trail and error. For me personally the move here was not much more difficult then the many other moves I have made throughout my life.

Posted : November 27, 2006 9:25 am
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I agree with David. Every situation is different. Our move here was extremely difficult but we had a difficult situation to begin with, 3 very large dogs, a 3 year old and a disabled mother. We did every thing wrong but could have been worse without the message board. In any case we survived and got here on Nov. 22 in one piece. Again, thank you everyone on this board for your help, even for advice that I didn't like. I feel like most people on the board have good intentions and just tell it as they see it.

Posted : November 27, 2006 10:16 am
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Amen, Ronnie!
I think that sometimes people ask the same question just to let someone know they are around on the board! ( To potentially start a conversation or relationship.) When I was planning my move I know I didn't post for awhile because of a few "rude" responses. I realized later the different personalities that make up this board were all just helping in their own way. I no longer live in STT, but I keep reading/posting to maybe help a "newbie" along in their quest for paradise. 🙂 I feel it's my way of giving back since I received so much help from this forum. Just like an AA meeting, " take what you like and leave the rest! "

Posted : November 27, 2006 11:33 am
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This board has helped me tremendously. Couldn't have lived on island without it. (Trying to keep it simple) 🙂


Posted : November 28, 2006 12:47 am
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