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Power outage East end St. Croix  

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Does anyone have any information on the power outage by the fire station specifically in Cotton Valley and when power will be restored?We have been out since 6am on Wednesday!

Called WAPA....they said crews were out but we have yet to see a single crew as of now.[7:30pm]

Repeated calls to WAPA today were unsuccessful.

Any info would be appreciated!

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Um, it will take some time. The procedure is they check the main line (along the road) and disconnect all the communities, then energize the main line. While this is happening, other crews go into the communities to repair the damage. As each community is repaired, it is reconnected to the main line.

The crew was working along the road the morning after Irma, and they were making good time. Now we wait as crews repair communities along the way. There is some significant damage in Cotton Valley/Hope and Carton Hill.

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Power is up in parts of Cotton Valley.
There are lines down and a snapped pole on Cotton Valley Trail, just south of the firehouse. Low lines by the firehouse as well. I'm sure there's more further in toward Hope & Carlton.

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Power is on in areas of East End--I saw 3 WAPA trucks at Ziggy's this afternoon. It will take time.; we've all been out since 6 am Wed.

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There has been no power in Hermon Hill since dawn the day of Irma. I know each area is different in terms of who comes on next but.... we depend on a cistern for our water and have no means to run the pump. The rainwater we collected has been used. I know it has been coming on in other spots sporadically on St. Croix, to include Beeston Hill across the street, but I am wondering if any consideration/priority is made for the areas that don't have city water. It is a sanitary/ health issue when you have no water on top of power. Wapa after hours not answering.

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