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Hi everyone. It has always been my dream to live on one of the islands. So many questions to ask:

1. I am a professional medical sales/marketing with extensive experience, but have general expertise in marketing, etc. My hubby is an IT Software developer who writes code. How easy is it find work? Shoot, we don't even care if it is in our industry as I would love to work as a resort concierge or a fun beach business.

2. We have seen several listing for cute apts, condos for sale or rent. We have not decided on which way we will be going as far a owning. Is it safe in most areas to live? What are any added expenses for water, elec, etc.

Thank you all,

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Wait for it........


Go OT!

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I think it's everyone's dream who watches HGTV, which romanticizes the notion of living on a tropical Island. I wish they would do a followup after a 5 year period and see how many are still in love with the prospect after making the jump. My bet is there wouldn't be that many left to even do a show.


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If your husband is an IT code writer, chances are he can work remotely. We have excellent high speed broadband capabilities in the USVI. As far as sales and marketing opportunities, I see these types of positions pop up here and there with some degree of frequency. There are very few people who can truly sell and apparently not many of them come to the VI to live. Opportunities abound. Don't dream it.

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have you decided on an island. any kids. any health issues

resort work is not always the day at the beach people envision

there are a lot of scams on craigs list so be aware.

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