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Ship a car or buy on island  

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Hi! We are moving in the beginning of October- we're doing aPMV in September to get housing but I'm starting to wonder if it's just easier to buy a car when we get there instead of driving out car across the country to Florida and then shipping it.

We have 2kids so I need a car seat friendly car that's preferably a SUV.

Is it hard to Come across a good priced SUV? I understand your getting an island car with some island car problems.

Thank you!

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There is no shortage of cars, trucks or SUV's for sale on STX. The term "good priced" is relative to each individual's situation.

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i usually recommend bringing your paid off car that you know the ins and outs of.

seems it is generally cheaper to bring the one you know then to buy one you dont know

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Depends on how much the customs duty is if car or any part thereof is not manufactured in U.S.. Generally, if you have a good reliable vehicle it's best to bring it.

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If you don't want to drive your car to FL, you can also get transport from your door to Jacksonville or Miami. I had that quoted through International Logistics on a truck from Huston to Miami and I think it was around $800. Also had it done with a car I bought in Tampa and transported to Miami for about $100.

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