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Veterans Day

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To All that served, and all that support the troops have a great day. God Bless!

Posted : November 11, 2008 11:06 am
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Thank you to all that served and believed. Eternal peace to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. You are remembered and honored.

Posted : November 11, 2008 11:30 am
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I always start Veterans day by reading the many letters I received from my loved ones while they were away serving our country in the military. I am very proud of being the grandaughter, wife, sister, mother, neice and cousin of wonderful men and women who protect us.
Thank you all.

Posted : November 11, 2008 12:31 pm
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Many of us take for granted what was hard fought for by others. A good day to show our appreciation though we should every day.

Posted : November 11, 2008 2:09 pm
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It's so sad to think about young folk (and their families) going into harm's way; and yet being so dedicated; and being at the whim of politics. There hasn't been a day in the last few years that I haven't thought about those kids, and the kids of past wars. A HUGE thank you for your honor and courage. There is no way I can thank you enough for your sacrifice.

Posted : November 11, 2008 3:39 pm
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I just want to add that I am proud to have served with everyone in the military. I wish everyone still serving as well as everyone that has a very blessed day, and prayer for your safe return.

Thanks to all!


Posted : November 11, 2008 6:41 pm
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Remember that our freedoms are not free, and these brave men and women have paid dearly for what we get to enjoy.
Thank you to all..........our military family, friends and neighbors past present & future.

Posted : November 11, 2008 6:55 pm
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