I need to buy conch...
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I need to buy conch shells...

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Does anyone know where I can get 12 to 14 nice large conch shells?The stores downtown are selling them for $20 and that's a 2x as much as I want to spend per shell. I live on STT but would be happy to travel to STJ to pick them up. Please email me or post here if you have any for sale or know a good source. Thanks!

Posted : February 3, 2007 10:58 pm
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If you were on STX, I know where you can get an unlimited supply of beautiful shells for free.

For those on STX who might want some, go to the Molasses Pier west of Hovensa and there are huge piles of them next to the public boat ramps. The Conch divers clean their catch there each day and the shells pile up on the beach. They aren't the beat up ones you find while out snorkeling. These have the pink/orange/pearly interior still intact and are easy to clean up for decorative use. A powerwasher works great to get any residual stink out of the interior and any marine growth off the exterior.

If you don't know where the molasses pier is.... there is a sign on the 4-lane highway telling you which light to turn south at for the molasses pier. It is west of Hovensa and the container port. You follow the road back for a couple of miles and it will go through some turns and eventually have you heading west. There will be signs to follow to the public boat ramp.

Posted : February 5, 2007 4:31 pm
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