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Looking for Help relocating.

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If you know anyone looking for a roommate OR renting out a 1-2bedroom for $2,000/ month or less!! Also looking for a Car so I won’t have to ship. no dealerships! Any places hiring? IM STARTING MY DREAM LIFE I. THE ISLAND AND I NEED HELP WITH RESOURCES.Please respond to this post or reach out via email Daayjah9@gmail.com Thanks in advance

Posted : December 8, 2022 10:16 pm
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It's hard to understand if you have already been to the island and know what you are getting into - or like others that expect "living" on the island is similar to just visiting while on vacation? There's quite a few "resources" and stories of people who jumped into what you are planning and regretted it afterward - many you can read on this forum if you do a search. Also, you provide very little information to go on in trying to help you.

First thing is you REALLY need to be on island to enter the employment market and what you are able to do will go a long way to determine how easy it will be to get a job. As far as accommodations go - that will be more difficult to secure as well. There are a few rental listings in the price range you are looking for if you look on Zillow - that will also provide some contacts on real estate agents who deal with longer term rentals. Remember, to make sure you understand if power is included or not - as it can be expensive, especially if you enjoy AC.

If you have a car and can ship it - that's probably what you should do. You can find cars on the island, but it's much more limited and much more expensive. 

One almost universal recommendation people give, is for those that plan on coming to live on the island to first plan a trip for a few months or so to make sure it's what you are looking for. I agree! I had the fortune of being transferred there for work (about 20 years ago) and was able to have a very nice living allowance package for the two years the project lasted. That was HUGE and a big reason I ended buying a property on the island that I still have and use as a vacation home. So, unless you are able to organize something like that, I'd recommend that you plan to bring enough money to last you at least 6 months - or you will probably regret it.

The island is not for everyone and living there is very different than vacationing there. I absolutely love the island and plan to retire there - but that decision comes after having LOTS of experience before making that decision.

I'm happy to try to answer other questions you have and hope you do LOTS of research before making a move there. Please do a search and you'll find lots of stories of people who were both successful and not successful in doing what you are contemplating.

Best of luck!


Posted : December 11, 2022 1:48 pm
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