DeJongh's legacy: JFL shuttered  

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Budget cut in half
Dozens of experienced nurses fled to states after illegal 8% cut
Dozens more left when deJongh removed hospital from payroll
Dozens more left with his Economic 'Stability' Act
More patients without insurance after we were left out of Obamacare

Thanks John
You are Midas
Everything he touched turned to mold

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Here's another reason JFL Hospital is such a disaster:

I hope Dr Appleyard sues JFL and takes all their ortho business.

From OrthoCaribbean/VI Ortho...

We regret to announce that as of September 8, 2014 Dr. Appleyard is unable to see patients in the US Virgin Islands. Like many doctor’s recruited from the mainland, Dr. Appleyard’s VI medical license was bound to her employment at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital. When the hospital refused to renew her contract on only two weeks’ notice, her license to practice medicine in the USVI was temporarily revoked as a direct result. Dr. Appleyard is currently in the process of taking the necessary steps toward obtaining a VI license not tied to employment by any USVI government agency, and she remains fully-qualified and licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and North Carolina.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused to Virgin Islanders in need of orthopedic and specialty spine care, and we regret that this action by the hospital seems to disregard the best interests of our friends, neighbors, and extended family members here in the Virgin Islands. Fortunately our physical therapy practice remains open, and our partner providers, Dr. Chase and Dr. Flowers, will continue to see patients in our St. Croix office while this situation is resolved.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience that appointment changes and cancellations have caused our valued patients. While we will try to minimize the interruption of services through our other providers, you are encouraged to share this post and reach out to your local legislators for their assistance in halting the loss of qualified doctors from this island and ensuring that all Virgin Islanders have reasonable access to primary and specialty care.

Thank you.

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IMO the hospital is a product of it's own demise. Surgical team is awesome, I know first hand.

However, administration and billing is crippled. I have insurance, pre-authorized surgery in March. I have yet to receive a bill from the hospital. How do they expect to earn money if they don't bill out?

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Is this just JFL or does it include RLS too?

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Any source?

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