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I am a dog groomer/trainer looking to relocate to the VI.
I hear through the grape vine, that there is a need there. It would ensure instant business for me. I would like to groom out of my home.
How difficult is it to get a business license to work out of your home?
I would also be bringing 2 cadaver dogs with me.
I hope to work with law enforcement and be of use in that department.
Thanks in advance.

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You hadn't mentioned what island you would be coming to.

In any case, obtaining a business license is relatively easy these days.

There are a few groomers on STX and they seem to make a living.

I'm not certain about the grooming market on STT.

I can only think of a few instances where a cadaver dog might have been useful here on STX. Usually its easy to find the dead because they're laying in the street with a gun shot wound!

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Hi Vicanuck,

I know I shouldn't have been amused and smiled by your reply, but I found it spot on. Rarely is a victim hidden out of sight here, but rather on the ground in plain sight. Thanks for explaining to the person who posted.

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Think it may also depend on whether where you live is zoned for business and if you're renting whether your landlord would allow such and endeavor on rental property with dogs barking and vehicles coming and going. You may have to rent a place for your business alone.

I know of at least 2 personal groomers that will come to your home to groom and there are 2 vet offices and 3 other businesses that provide grooming here on STT.

There's a fellow here who trains service dogs for police and DEA.
His name and business name escapes me at the moment but maybe someone can chime in from STT.

May be good to speak with him, a couple of our veterinarians and businesses that provide grooming to check out how competitive things might be here on STT.
Good Luck.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I would love to get in touch with the k9 trainer.
I knew STT had a good number of groomers.
I have been looking at property on st croix.
I would definately purchase a home and create a grooming shop there.
Here at home, i have had no complaints from neighbors as to the nature of my business.
It slightly increases traffic, but not noticeably. Noise isn't a factor as the dogs would be indoors. Here, dogs are groomed and picked up within 90 minutes of drop off.
Thank you so much for the detailed input.

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