How Safe Are the Vi...

How Safe Are the Virgin Islands especially St Thomas and St Croix  

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I know that this has been posted before, but the latest discussion I could find was 2017. My wife and I are considering retiring in VI and like everyone we want to know how safe it is, which areas to buy in, and which to avoid, and etc.  Thanks, jim

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Same old story.  Majority of the crime is drug related.  Most areas are relatively safe to live.  Crime can occasionally show up anywhere.  Gated communities can help.  Stay out of the housing projects.  East end STX  is generally less troublesome due to distance from the higher density center island.  But there are certainly good areas on STX mid-island, north shore, west end.  Strongly recommended to anyone to rent for at least a year to get a good understanding of the areas and make certain you want to stay before buying property.  Rentals are scarce right now on STX.  If you can find a buyer's agent to work with on rentals they can steer you to better areas.

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My wife and I sound like we may be in a similar situation except that we just purchased a home on the island.  I’m retiring in January of 2021 and we wanted a winter home away from our New England winters.  We’ve vacationed extensively in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America over our lifetime and finely decided on the USVI’s.  We ruled out St. Thomas mostly because of the congestion we’ve run into as we transited to St. John on a number of vacations, the cruise ships were also a concern.  While we love St. John as a vacation destination it’s too small as a permanent situation, simply not enough infrastructure.  St. John real estate is also dramatically more expensive than the other VI’s.  St. Croix, while not perfect, was the best overall compromise.  It offers good restaurants, a wide range of activities, real supermarkets and there’s a Home Depot.  In other words it’s blends the vision of paradise with a touch of practicality.  Make no mistake it has its challenges, my wife remains concerned about crime but we’ve spoken to a lot of folks about it and agree we just need to be prudent.  We chose to buy east of Christiansted, in part because we feel it may be safer but also because we found a house we really like.  My wife and I look for different things in a home so when we found one that easily met both our desires we didn’t hesitate.  We’re excited and believe St. Croix will be a great community, the people we’ve met thus far have been incredibly nice and welcoming.

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they are safe.

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Make sure your health care insurance works here and get evacuation insurance. Get a big dog. The Pet Place will help.

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We bought in a gated, guarded community on STX. Within a week the guard's attitude with us changed from potential threat to potential Christmas tip!  🤣 

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