Poisonous Frogs  

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I’ve heard stories about poisonous frogs on St Croix. I’m assuming there is some truth to this. Anyone know about them or can describe them? I’d be interested in photos if you can direct me to them. Thanks. Don’t want my dog to have a bad encounter.

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I think they're called Cane Toads but others may have more information.

I lost a small breed dog who licked one.

I found the poor thing the next morning foaming at the mouth and dead.

They don't seem to affect larger breeds from what I've seen.

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There are also white colored frogs thst will make dogs & cats very sick if they lick them or touch them with their nose. They have a poisonous substance on their skin. These small white frogs liked to hide in dark places like behind our hurricane shutters on outside of house or in the pool pump room

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Yup!  Probably a Cane Toad - you’ll find a good description and photo here:


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If you know your dog licked a cane toad have it drink hydrogen peroxide (mix with something) they will throw everything up, and I mean everything.

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What about the whiteish ones with red eyes? People in Little Fountain who have cottages in a natural bush area have some of them around. They say that they are poisonous also... is that true?  Are they just albino cane toads? 

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