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Shipping SUV and boat together

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Good evening all,

Just curious if anyone has experience shipping a small SUV along with a small boat (RIB) on a trailer from the states to St. Thomas? I'm curious if it would be better shipped as RORO or if it would be better to ship them together in a 40' container? (Their full dimensions when the trailer is hooked up is approximately 38', less than 7' tall, and under 7'8" wide (which can be even less if you slightly deflate the RIB)).

Any experience out there with such an endeavor?


Posted : August 31, 2021 6:07 pm
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I haven’t done this before.  But I have shipped many vehicles and many containers.   The shipping on a 40’ container is going to be less I would think.  And also your vehicle and boat will be better protected.   But on and off loading will be a little trickier without the help of a loading dock to drive them off.  The ocean freight companies have different regulations.  So it’s best to check with the company you are using.  The people at the local office will probably be a wealth of information on logistics once your shipment arrives here.  

Posted : September 1, 2021 2:51 am
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@stjohnjulie Good morning and thank you for the reply! I have read several forum topics where the on/off height of the containers were issues for some people when loading removed link I'll check with the shipping companies as you suggested. Just curious if anyone had tried it. 

It would almost be worth purchasing the container and using it for a pseudo garage during bad storms, but I don't like being a source of visual blight in the neighborhood, nor do I think it would be easy to weave a 40' container on a truck up the hills and through the streets on the islands.

We'll likely go a more traditional route when the time comes... but I do enjoy research. ? 

Posted : September 2, 2021 8:00 am
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